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Florida Lakes Fast Facts:

  • Florida is home to around 7,800 lakes representing 3 million acres of freshwater. (There are also 12,000 miles of freshwater rivers and streams in Florida.)
  • Florida's lakes and rivers are home to more than 200 freshwater species, a fact that attracts hundreds of fishermen every year.
  • The Orlando area, commonly thought of only as an amusement park destination, actually boasts over 100 lakes. Many Orlando resorts and timeshares actually offer lake-front accommodations and marinas for visitors with watercraft.
  • In the entire world, there are only two naturally occurring round lakes. DeFuniak Springs, Florida, is home to one of them.
  • The largest lake in the state of Florida is Lake Okeechobee. At an impressive 700 square miles it is the second largest of the freshwater US lakes.
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