Lake Links Guidelines

The following is a list of requirements and conditions for submission of a site to our links area:

  1. The site must be a U.S. lake or lake-related site.

  2. The site must be in good condition. If we cannot view it or portions of it, it may not be included.

  3. There must be a link on your front page linking back to the U.S. Lake Association site. You may copy the following HTML code into your page to link to the banner shown below. Please do not copy the gif image itself as it may be changed periodically.
    U.S. Lake Association
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="U.S. Lake Association" border=0></a>

  4. The site must not contain or link to any pornography, profanity, or any other vulgar or obscene material.

  5. U.S. Lakes is copyrighted all rights reserved. U.S. Lakes is not responsible for material appearing on any of the web sites linked from the U.S. Lakes site. However, U.S. Lakes does retain the right to remove any material that it has deemed unfit. Reproduction, manipulation, or any other unauthorized use of this site without written permission of U.S. Lakes is strictly prohibited.

  6. By submiting your site for inclusion in our links area you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.

To have your site reviewed for possible inclusion fill out the form below completely. A link to your site will not be added until all of the above requirements have been verified. You should be notified within two to three weeks by e-mail that your link has been successfully added. Please do not resubmit your site until we have had a chance to review and add it.

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