Water Sports
Lake Hamilton provides both private facilities and free swimming areas.
Being one of the most popular sport on the lake, Hamilton provides many different boat ramps and not to mention numerous locations to rent boats and motors.Always remember to take a safe boating course.
Lake Hamilton provides over 14 square miles for the water skiers enjoyment. Mix that with the numerous coves and Lake Catherine nearby, this is a skiers paradise.
Marinas/Boat Rentals
Kahuna Bay Boat & Jet Ski Rentals ----------------------- 501-520-5700
Kahuna Bay II - At Sunbay Resort ------------------------ 501-520-5700
Lake Hamilton Watersports, Inc. ------------------------- 501-525-6066
Marineland ------------------------------------------------- 501-767-4144
For up to date information about fishing conditions call 1-800-ASK-FISH.

Fishing License Information
Arkansas Game Fish
Popular Game Fish & Bait
Arkansas Sportfishing Records
Rules for Establishing Arkansas Sportfishing Records
North American Record Catfish in Arkansas
In 1939 Entergy provided 135 acres, which contained within it 90 acres of ponds, to begin the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery. This hatchery provides around three million fingerlings yearly to both the Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine areas, making it one of the most successful sport fish hatcheries in the nation. You can find swimming in the lakes such fish as black, spotted, white and smallmouth basses; walleye; flathead, blue channel and bullhead catfish; rainbow trout and black and white crappie (just to name a few).
Free Fishing*
On the first weekend in June (National Fishing Week)  from noon, Friday until midnight Sunday, non-residents and residents will be able to fish without a fishing license and/or trout permit. For more information call (501) 223-6000.
Free Instruction*
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will conduct workshops and demonstrations on different fishing areas of interest. For more information please call (501) 223-6000.
Catch and Release Techniques*
  • Use barbless hooks
  • Land the fish quickly
  • Keep fish in the water as long as possible when unhooking it
  • Don't stick objects in fish's gill or squeeze the fish
  • Before touching the fish, wet hands
  • If the fish swallowed the hook, cut the line
Spearfishing Season*
The season is open from June 15 until March 15, sunrise to sunset. For more information and regulations about spearfishing, consult the Arkansas Fishing Regulations for 2000.


* For more information check out the Arkansas Fishing: Complete Guide to Locations, Vacations and Resources or call 1-800-NATURAL.

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