DeGray Lake Resort State Park

Located off the banks of DeGray Lake lies DeGray Lake Resort State Park. Open year-round, the island boasts an 96-room Lodge and Convention Center. In most rooms there are two double beds, telephone and color TV. The Lodge also has a restaurant with a beautiful view over the lake along with a fireplace in the lobby. Hiking trails, playground, docks and swimming pool are also available for the quests. For more information call 1-800-737-8355

Alpine Ridge

Arlie Moore

Caddo Drive


Iron Mountain

Shouse Ford

The campgrounds offer 113 class A sites, which include tables, grills, water and electricity. The campgrounds are available year-round, reservations are accepted and you must register with Visitor Center before occupying a site. For more information please call 1-501-865-2801.
Enjoy a nice picnic on Caddo Bend Day-Use Area. The area includes free launch ramp, tables, restrooms, sandy beach and swim area, not to mention pavilions and playgrounds. To reserve a pavilion please contact the Visitor Center at 1-501-865-2801.
DeGray Lake Resort State Park boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, along with a driving range, Pro Shop and putting green. For more information please call 1-501-865-2807.
Land Sports
DeGray Lake provides endless fun with such activities as hiking, golf, and biking. Also noteworthy, during the summer, young children ages 7-14 are able to participate in the Junior Naturalist and Arkansas State Park Explorer Programs. For more information please call 1-501-865-2801.

Chickadee Trail: This half-mile trail begins behind the Park Store and leads through a pine forest to the shore of the lake. This is a great birdwatching trail.

Green Heron Trail: This 3/4 mile loop begins at the park's visitor center and winds through a large field, which is great for bird-watching. A new feature for this trail is the wildlife viewing blind.

Island Trail: This trail begins near the lodge and flows to the west end of the island for about a mile. Trail conditions are some-what hilly and shaded. A variety of trees and wildflowers make this trail enjoyable in any season. Shore birds and other wildlife can be seen along the lake edge. Also, many interesting rocks are scattered along the beach.

Saginaw Historic Trail: This is the most beautiful of the five lake trails. This trail follows an old railroad bed used by the Saginaw Lumber Company around the turn of the century. The railroad bed is still visible in most area. Several small bridges and variations in the trail make this an interesting walk in any season. The trail begins near the dump station and is a short cut to the lake.

Towering Pines Trail: This half-mile loop begins in the parking lot of the amphitheater. It is slightly hilly and is home for two streams, a strand of old pine trees and a sweet gum tree that is estimated at 100-150 years old. A mountain bike trail in this area is in the process of being approved.

Hiking Tips & Trail Regulations

Park Contact Information
For Reservations:
Manager, DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge
Rt. 3, Box 490
Bismark, AR 71929-8194
Telephone: 501-865-2851 or 1-800-737-8355.
For General Information:
DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge
Rt. 3, Box 490
Bismark, AR 71929-8194
Telephone: 501-865-2801.

DeGray Lake Recreational & Camping Areas

Showers and Electrical Hookups


Alpine Ridge
This is the most developed area on the south side of the lake. Take State Highway 8 and country roads to reach Alpine Ridge.

Arlie Moore
Located midway of the lake, this site is very popular due to the easy access from Highway 7.

Caddo Drive
The breath-taking view over a rock bluff at the west end of the lake is this sites most popular feature, as well as the entire lakes.

Many travelers prefer this location as compared to the very popular Arlie Moore site. This location is still undiscovered and new to most travelers.

Iron Mountain
This area is closest to Interstate 30 than the other sites located on DeGray Lake. The area around the site is very mountainous compared to others, thus its name.

Shouse Ford
This site i s located at the upper end of DeGray Lake. This site offers great fishing conditions, pine and hardwood trees, coves and open water.


Group Facilities


Oak Bower
This development provides sleeping for eight, kitchen and washhouse. The area is located very close to the shoreline. Group reservations means that only one group is accommodated at a time.


Basic Features


DeGray Lake Visitor Center
This site is located in the beautiful foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. There is a 15 minute orientation in which visitors learn about the history, nature and recreational opportunities that DeGray Lake offers.

Ozan Point
This place was developed to satisfy the need for remoteness but still have the luxuries of sanitation and basic site access. This site is not heavily visited by campers. This place is perfect for hunting and water recreation.

Point Cedar
Point Cedar is located at the upper end of the lake. This site provides an excellent view and quiet environment near the water.

Lenox Marcus
Only water, restrooms and access are provided for this development. This site, made of 200-300 acres, is for campers seeking the wilderness.

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